About Us

     Sam Rock Industrial Co. Ltd was established in 1981 and specializes in manufacturing of drain cleaners and fish tapes for the global export markets.

     Investing in PLC machines and CNC machines for auger coiling productions as well as plastic injection and blow molding machinery has been our company’s long-term production goal. We strive to provide near 100% of in-house production rate for all our products for best quality control. Our products are directed at the DIY and Home improvement markets with many products suitable for professional use. Our high product quality and competitiveness have allowed us to establish strong business relationships with our customers.

     Some of our professional drain cleaning models have been CE certified, and we are ISO certified in quality management system. Over 98% of our production is exported, and over 50% of our sales goes to the North America. Our commitment is to provide customers with superior products and service. Research and innovation are constantly ongoing at Sam Rock. We believe continuously introducing innovative products is key to maintain our competitiveness in this competitive market.

     Sam Rock is the only manufacturer uniquely specialized in the manufacture of drain cleaners and fish tapes in Taiwan. We are a dependable partner and look forward to establishing a long-lasting relationship with our customers. We welcome all inquiries.


西武實業有限公司是台灣專業生產Drain Cleaners通管器及Fish Tapes拉線器之工廠 . 除了部分產品通過CE認證之外, 更通過ISO-9000 品質認證, 對於品質相當要求.

西武實業有限公司成立於1981年10月9日, 當時台灣正迅速發展生活用品製造業, 同時政府也全力協助中小企業, 提供全方位的服務與輔導措施, 因此本公司為針對生活用品製造業的需求, 而全力投力各種生活用品製造業如:各種水管疏通器及電線穿拉器製造等.

西武成立至今近四十年的產品出口經驗. 本公司客戶群分布於北美, 歐洲及世界其他國家.自從創業以來本公司一直秉持「全員參與、品質管制、持續改善、顧客滿意」之品質政策,不斷研發、創新,改善製程,提昇品質,以配合現代化的科技,滿足生活用品製造業的要求;由於本公司擁有豐富的經驗,堅強的經營陣容,以供應優良的產品,準確的交貨,和完善的售後服務,隨時竭誠的渴望與國內生活用品製造業,精誠合作,共同創造光明的未來,俾達成永續成長與發展的目標。





Factory Name

  Sam Rock Industrial Co., Ltd.


  Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Business types

  Manufacturer, Exporter/Trading Agent, OEM/ODM                                             

Focused Products 


Drain Cleaners, Drain Augers, Fish Tapes, Cable Pullers, Plumbing Tools

CEO   Mr. Quincy Wu
台灣 高雄
製造商, 出口商, OEM/ODM